Friday, January 07, 2011

Time to Move On...

I haven't written in this blog for almost a year and a half. Inasmuch as I keep track of my reading list each year, son Capt. Ben Kilpela thought it might attract some comment or discussion if I posted the list on my blog. Moreover, it might get the juices flowing again. So here it is:

Books read in full or part in 2010

Read In Full (more or less in order of reading)
Title Author
Diaries and Letters, 1930-1939 (Diary) Harold Nicolson
The War Years, 1939-1945 (Diary) Harold Nicolson
The Later Years, 1945-1962 (Diary) Harold Nicolson
The Edwardians (Novel) Vita Sackville-West
The Family (Non-fiction) Jeff Sharlet
All Passion Spent (Novel) Vita Sackville-West
Portrait of a Marriage (Memoir) Nigel Nicolson
Family Man (Memoir) Calvin Trillin
About Alice (Memoir) Calvin Trillin
Essays (Essays) Wallace Shawn
Tipping the Velvet (Novel) Sarah Waters
Fatal Voyage (History) Dan Kurzman
Polio, a history (History) David Oshinsky
The Case For God (Non-fiction) Karen Armstrong
History of Williamsburg (Non-fiction) Williamsburg Society
1066 : Norman Conquest (History) Peter Rex
Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue (Non-fiction) John McWhorter
History of the 19th Century. Year by Year (History)
The Man Who Loved Books Too Much (N-F) Allison Hoover Bartlett
The Glamour of Grammar (N-F) Roy Peter Clark
His Excellency, George Washington (Biography) Ellis
The Bayeaux Tapestry (History) David MacKenzie
The Skunk Island Ferry (Novel) Capt. Bennett Kilpela
The Balfour Declaration (History) Jonathon Schneer
A Vast Conspiracy (History) Jeffrey Toobin

In Progress:
An Irish View of History (828 pgs) (Semi-fiction) Donald Akenson
Liebling, a collection of works (N-F essays)_ A. J. Liebling
Letters of the Century (718 pgs) (Non-fiction) Edited by Grunwald & Adler
In The Beginning: The Story of the Development
of the King James Bible. (History) Alister McGrath

Read in part but quit, probably for good (maybe a reference at times)
Paradigms Lost (Non-fiction) John Simon
Writers on Writing, (Essays) From the New York Times
Essays of E.B.White (Essays) E.B.White
Pursuit of Justice: Supreme Court decisions that shaped America

Unfortunately we didn't have our usual 3-month vacation in South Palm Beach so I missed getting to many of the books that I planned to get to. Oh well, there is always 2011 and I already have a good start.

My next blog will feature some pictures from our trans-ocean tour last April. Stay tuned.