Monday, February 12, 2007

Part VII: The Isle Royale Queen IV

And so we come to the latest (last?) ferryboat to sail between Copper Harbor and Isle Royale National Park: the Isle Royale Queen IV.

She was purchased in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and sailed to the Harbor via the Tom Bigbee Waterway , Mississippi River, Illinois River, and Lake Michgan. She made her maiden voyage to Isle Royale on June 20, 2005.

Fabricated of aluminum and powered by three 12v71 Detroit Diesels, she makes the trip in 3 hours flat and at 100-feet by 20-feet she is roomy, warm, and comfortable. The picture was taken as she left on a sunset cruise, somnething we do every evening after returning from the island. Inasmuch as I am retired from sailing, we alternate the responsibility of captain among our three sons, Captains Don, Ben and John. This year, 2007, starts the 37th year since we bought the business. None of us ever looked back.

We like to remind everyone that, "more people visit Yellowstone Natonal park in one day than visit Isle Royale National Park in a whole summer. alone with us."

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Sconie said...

Quite an impressive write-up on the background and history of the Isle Royale Ferry! A question---did Charley Robertson ever have a ferry operation over to the Island----or did he ever run what could be considered "charters"? Otherwise, are you aware of any of the other "early" commercial fishermen operating out of the Harbor (or, e. g., Eagle Harbor) running boats ferrying 'tourists' out to Isle Royale?


Kind Regards, Paul LaVanway